“Empowerment” is the word that I would use if I had to describe Judith in one word. As a freelancer and entrepreneur (in an early stage), I had the pleasure of having Judith as a coach this year. I was impressed by her knowledge about planning, work-life balance, and productivity. She let me be in the lead to determine the topics of the day and challenged me with critical questions. On a personal interaction level, it felt like we could have been friends for years. I believe that Judith can be an asset to any individual aspiring to enhance his or her personal development

Ludo Corrijn – Freelance Data Scientist

My experience with Judith was amazing. In the coaching process, I discovered not only how to be more productive, but I was also able to move forward in a concrete and effective way with the idea of my new venture.

She manages, through key questions, to transform ideas into concrete answers and action plans.

In short, a great and beautiful experienceç. I would 100% recommend her coaching process.

Valeria Aviles – CEO Pilpintu

Hiring Judith was one of the best investments I have done in my career. She helped me set up goals and work towards them in a structured way. She could challenge me in my way of thinking so I could discover my own potential and focus on what’s really important in my development. The best partner I could imagine during a key moment in my career.

Rocio Bracero – International Retention Manager at Teamleader

Judith has been my coach for five great sessions for professional and personal matters and I am still amazed by what she made me discover about myself and how to progress both in my work and personal life. Judith is an excellent coach, combining a very great listener and a perfect way to ask questions which lead you to understand yourself and what need to be done to improve. She guides you to find your own answers and encourage you to take the actions needed. As she promised me, she challenged me, but always respecting my limits, and gave me tools to address the difficulties that were on my way. Judith is very enthusiastic and passionate about her work and helping others. It is very easy to talk with her.

Judith coaching experience was an amazing experience that I cheerfully recommend to everyone. Not only for those who know what their difficulties are to find a way to overcome them, but even more for those who cannot identify what is blocking them to their path to success and happiness.She will definitely help you find it and give you tools to reach your goals.
Coralie Nourisson – Inside Account Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Judith became my coach in January and the initial purpose of the coaching was mainly work related – however she helped me realise that I have to work on myself more on a personal level to find a better work-life balance and overcome some of the difficulties I was facing at that time. She is a great listener and always asks the right questions. When she feels the need, she can give an advise, but only if her client is open to it. She is very tolerant and approachable, so I found it very easy to open up and share my thoughts with her.

I highly recommend her to everyone who would like to have a coach helping her through difficult times or to grow both in personal or professional life.

Andrea Trombitas – Business Operation Manager at CISCO

I recently completed a coaching process of 5 sessions with Judith. She has helped me to design my business model and to understand what my priorities need to be in order to successfully launch and run my company. Also, we have discussed  work- life balance and time management, so I can be more productive.  Working with her has helped me to get more clarity. I will definetly see Judith again for further coaching. Since this is an ongoing proces of learning and developing.

Ken Van Acker – Personal Trainer – WeKenChange

Judith’s coaching helped me to run my company. She is very friendly and professional. She was able to identify the situations I need to work on and helped me to identify the right actions to take to reach my goals. She has a lot of experience and cares about people she’s working with. I recommend her coaching services to anyone who needs guidance in starting or running a business

Yannick Piessens – Founder and Managing Director – Growth Web Studios

I used Judith’s coaching service for a personal/professional topic. She is a very close and kind person, which made me feel very comfortable, like talking to a friend. But on the other hand, she has the determination to lead the session to help you analyse the situations, set your action points and achieve your goal.   I would definitely recommend her services and would like to enjoy them again in the future.

Cristina Romero – Technical Validation Engineer at Agfa Healthcare

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