Time Management Coaching

  • You have new responsibilities (a new job, relationship or a new child) and what was working fine in the past in terms of levels of organization, it is not working for you anymore.
  • You are constantly feeling you are behind and that the hours in the day are not enough to complete all your tasks.
  • You feel overwhelmed by the amount of things that need to get done, guilty for not being able to keep up and frustrated because you can’t seem to ever catch up.
  • Can only manage to get things done at a frantic pace at the last minute, which means that you’re in a constant cycle of burnout and recovery

Taking your time management to the next level

Time management coaching replaces your struggles with solutions.  As a first step we analyse everything on your plate.  Second we determine what tasks or duties you are able to let go, and what others would you like to take on.  Then we set priorities and draft a plan.

Next to this, Coaching will help you to communicate more effectively with your colleagues, and you will acquire the skills to stop ‘over-committing’.   As a result of the coaching process you will be able to manage your time so you can be productive and maintain your calm.

Four Steps to Your Success

Contact Me

Send me an email or give me a call.  We will schedule your free consultation and I will send you the intake questionnaire, and the practical details of the coaching process.

Free Consultation Call

A 30 minute introductory conversation over the phone about your goals and expectations of the process.  We also discuss your priorities and how I approach executive and business coaching so you can evaluate how well it meets your needs.

Session 1: Reality Check

During the first session we will do some exercises to understand your current situation, and to recognise where are gaps and/or imbalances that need to be tackled.   After this exercise you will be able to set your priorities for the following sessions.

Session 2-5: Apply Changes

From the second session onward you take the driver seat, and decide what you specifically want to work on.  I will help you go deeper in your exploration and search for answers.  I work with you to develop a concrete list of tasks that you must accomplish to achieve your goals.

What my clients think of my coaching skills

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